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STEAM Collaborative

STEAM Collaborative
P. Conway PTC (Acting)L. Mahbena PTC

Mathematics and Numeracy

S. Ahmed (Maths)

D.Bringhurst (Maths & Computing)

J. Collum (Maths & Statistics)

P. Conway (Maths)

M. Fagan (Maths & Engineering Science)

G. MacDonald (Maths)

L. McCarthy (Maths & Statistics)

R. Murray (Maths & Mechanics)

K. McNamee (Maths & French)

K. Norman (Maths)

L. Padden (Maths)



B. Stroud (Computing)

D. Bringhurst (Maths & Computing)



S. Allan (Music)

A. Crookston (Music)

A. Platt (Music)

C. Saunders (Music)


A. Abraham (Chemistry)

R. Adams (Physics)

K. Barr (Chemistry & Biology)

S. Dudley (Physics)

C. Grant-Forsyth (Biology)

D. Hill (Physics)

S. Hopkins (Physics & Practical Electronics)

C. MacAllister (Chemistry)

L. Mahbena (Biology)

G. Miller (Biology)

A. McLean (Biology)

M. Shafat (Biology)


Art & Design

D. Plenderleith (Art, Photography & Creative Technology)

M. Purves (Art & Creative Technology)

K. McDonald (Art & Creative Technology)


Design. Manufacture & Graphics

C. Pettigrew (DMG & Creative Technology)

D. Stewart (DMG, Practical Metalwork, Creative Technology)

C. Swan (DMG)

R. Millie (Auxilliary)


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