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Humanities and Languages Collaborative

Humanities and Languages Collaborative
J. Renfrew PTC H. Nisbet PTC

English & Literacy

B. Amamize

J. Bennett

F. Boyle

L. Cochrane

M. Houston

K. Hulme

K. Lomas

L. Sedgewick

L. Shaw

J. Walsh


A. Coulson

H. MacDonald

Social Subjects & Business Management

A. West (History)

P. Rowland (History)

K. Creaney (Modern Studies & R.E.)

L. MacLeod (Modern Studies & History)

N. McGuire (Modern Studies)

L. Morton (Modern Studies, History & Sociology)

D. McLay (Modern Studies)

J. Stone (Geography)

M. Pendreigh

J. Campbell

K. O'Hare

Modern Languages

R. Dunkerley

J. Forbes

M. Godley

C. McDougall

E. Millar

K. McNamee

K. Hulme


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