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Leadership Team

Information on our Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs S McGarty

Depute Headteachers

Mrs T Melville

Mr G McDowall

Business Manager

Mrs C Gegan

Staff Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team

Principal Teachers

Mrs J Renfrew - English and Literacy

Mrs A Crookston - Expressive Arts

Mr D Downham - Health & Wellbeing

Mr P Conway - Mathematics and Numeracy

Mrs J Murphy - Modern Languages

Mr J McIntyre - Religious Education

Mrs L Mabhena - Science 

Miss H Nisbet - Social Subjects and Business

Mrs C Brennan - Pupil Support (Junior)

Miss E Watson - Pupil Support (Junior)

Mrs C Boyd - Pupil Support (Senior)


Head Pupils

Zulaikha Gul

Katie Rafferty

Robb Calder

Aiden Shade

Teresa House Captains

Ali Akhtar

Natasha Farrell

Alyna Mirza

Wiktoria Gorecka

Sinclair House Captains

Melanie Gaskin

Charlotte Docherty

Hannah Sutherland

Amie McGrotty

Columba House Captains

Nathan Davies

Amy Gordon

Cara Collins-Thomson

Euan Millar

Aidan House Captains

Khadija Mohammed

Joanna Clark

Calum Duff

Jemima Amamize

Sports Ambassadors

Declan Wynne

Mya McFaulds

Sports captains

George Russell

Nicolle Stewart

Iona-Marie Callaghan

Ciaran Reid

Cara Thomson

Umber Chaudry

Chloe Eyles

Faculty ambassadors

Valentino Jaconelli - Biology

Marina Hernandez Lopez - Chemistry

Sophia Pettenuzzo - Expressive Arts

Health & Well-being

Louise McFaul - Literacy

Erin Cosgrove - Languages

Natasha Richards - Numeracy

John Eadie - Physics

Lauren Hay - Science

Charlotte Conaghan - Social Subjects

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